Prefabrication embodies advanced design

House Haussicht in Erkheim, Germany by Alfredo Häberli

German timber frame house specialist Baufritz has worked with designer Alfredo Häberli to develop a concept house to see just how designed a prefabricated house can be. The concept also explores how the quality and sustainable housing of today and tomorrow can be shaped. In addition, they are keen to highlight the opportunities of wood as a high-tech material.

The design was created from the inside out, with each room, its function and the desired light informing the end result. All the various details have been accentuated, not least the large roof and the job it does. Water is collected and channelled into a large pond outside the house. The thickness and shape of the roof draws inspiration from boatbuilding. The car port is integrated under a separate raised section that sits on an oval form, made from CLT.

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