Elevated bowl retains views

Oslo Skatehall i Oslo, Norway by Dark arkitekter & Glifberg+Lykke

Skateboarders in Oslo have a new place to meet, in a building by Dark Arkitekter. The actual skating facilities were designed by skatepark specialists Glifberg-Lykke, along with ramp manufacturer IOU Ramps. They had the idea that no windows should be obscured by the ramps and bowl (a swimming pool-inspired ramp), so they split parts of the skating area across two floors. The upper edge of the largest ramps and the bowl sit at the same level. As such, instead of being sunk into the floor, the bowl starts from the upper floor of the new building. On the underside of the bowl, the entire glulam structure has been left exposed. The elevated bowl also creates several open surfaces to skate on.

The centre comprises a large hall and an outdoor facility. The building has a clear industrial feel and is located in the Voldsløkka district, on the border between the city and the suburbs. The large glazed overhang is intended to make the building feel inviting to skaters and neighbours alike.

The Morse code pattern lining the façade is a transcript of the skateboarding ban that existed in Norway from 1978 to 1989.

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