Covered park in heart of city

Sankt Eriksparken in Stockholm, Sweden by Utopia Arkitekter

New housing is going up everywhere, but how should we handle the gaps in-between the buildings, our public spaces? Are they keeping up with the pace of urban development?

Utopia has created a series of proposals for the development of Stockholm.

The first proposal is to cover Sankt Eriksplan with an indoor park, a public space for play, social interaction, contemplation and cultural experiences. The idea is also for it to be non-commercial.

The indoor park is designed as a vaulted glulam structure clad in curved glass. Six ellipsoidal volumes of varying sizes combine to form the park. Slim glulam beams support façades that look entirely transparent and that also reveal the arched glulam components holding up the structure. This transparency also stops the 23-metre tall building from competing with the surrounding built environment.


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