Wood research under parametric vault

IHD in Dresden, Germany by Reiter Architektur

The Institut für Holztechnologie, a private German research institute, needed a new conference facility. Naturally, as much as possible was built in wood. The most striking feature of the building is the large presentation hall with space for 200 people. The question is, however, whether the visitors will be able to focus on the presentations rather than being captivated by the hypnotically attractive, arched shell structure.

A vaulted wooden framework stretches all the way to the ground along one long side of the hall and on the other side it rests on glulam posts and beams that allow for a full glazed façade.

The vault is a collaboration between Reiter Architekten and 3D firm COX 3D, which provided the parametric design. They have developed an extremely light but strong structure that from a distance looks like curved glulam beams. In fact there are four layers of planed spruce boards nailed in crosses to create a vaulted shape that also supports the insulation and ceiling.

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