Curved volumes create new entrance

Museum in Lund, Sweden by Elding Oscarson

Sketches, notes and small-scale drafts of something bigger can be made at any time and are part of the artistic thought process. This is what art historian Ragnar Josephson wanted to draw attention to by creating a public archive for sketches. The result was the Museum of Sketches which, after 80 years, has now gained an extension.

The two volumes run in a gentle curve alongside the adjacent sculpture park and internally they are clad in birch plywood. The extension is designed to allow the sequence of rooms to capture directional flows, while also giving the museum’s visitors a sense of always being at its front, no matter which direction they come from. The façades are clad in corten steel to harmonise with the area’s brick buildings.

The volume has no intermediate floors, and the wooden structural frame in the volume on the right is reinforced with steel. The streamlined ceiling is free of other materials or installations. Its fan-shaped LVL beams follow the curve of the building and between them sit sound-absorbent panels made from materials including wood wool.


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