Creative expression leaves minimal impression

Felinvær in Gildeskål, Norway by Tyin Tegnestue and Rintala Eggertsson

Looking out towards popular Lofoten, Felinvær is a much less well-trodden group of islands. Here, jazz musician Håvard Lund has realised his dream of the world’s most stunning workplace in the form of small cabins, a concert space and a sauna, meant to be hired by musicians and other creatives.

One challenge for TYIN Tegnestue, which worked with Rintala Eggertsson to design this creative little cluster, was to build without damaging the sensitive natural surroundings. To ensure minimal contact with the ground, the foundations consist of steel piles that have been bent 15 degrees in order to perfectly adapt to the terrain. Thanks to this light touch, the buildings can also be disassembled without leaving much of a trace on the landscape. To achieve their weather-beaten look, the façades are made from furfurylated pine, with some of the leftover timber reused on the other buildings, a necessity not only from an environmental perspective but also because of the demanding logistics of the site.


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