Natural shade in spacious cultural centre

Impluvium in Reinosa, Spain by De Abajo Garcia

An “Impluvium” is a kind of open-air pool. The design was common in old Roman houses as a way to capture rainwater. It is also the name of the new cultural centre that has risen from the ashes of the former marketplace in the Spanish town of Reinosa, which will play host to events both spontaneous and pre-planned. However, the architects at De Abajo Garcia have replaced the pool with an inner courtyard, surrounded by four box-shaped rooms of various sizes that are designed for different uses.

The building’s large roof rests on thick glulam beams that internally draw the eye to the inner courtyard, creating a sense of movement towards the opening. The steel posts that support the structure are clad in sheets of glulam to create a uniform look and feel. They also support the mezzanine floor, which provides visitors with a peaceful retreat where the external wooden lattice on the façade gives a varied play of natural light and shade. The whole structure was prefabricated for precision and as a way to reduce the construction time on site.


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