Meeting place with warmth

Vasaplan in Umeå, Sweden by Wingårdhs

Vasaplan in Umeå is no longer just a hub for buses and a place to pass by on the road. With its new design and glulam features, the square has also become a place where people can come together. The central platform, under two canopies, has a distinct wooden structure, with the supporting glulam beams forming a grid pattern. On sunny days, the wooden members will bring life to the square with an ever-changing play of shadows. However, the glass roof that sits on top of the glulam beams will also provide shelter from the rain.

The transverse posts have a concrete core that has then been clad with glulam. The structure rests on a concrete plinth that also forms the platform and has underfloor heating. The wood is treated with a transparent silicon-based wood preserver and will silver as it ages.

“There was never any talk about using anything other than wood. It’s a durable and attractive building material that is easy to work with,” says chief architect Gert Wingårdh.


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