Pavilion finds permanent resting place

Kayak house 25 sqm in Sorunda, Sweden by in Praise of Shadows

This was initially a pavilion in Douglas fir made for Wallpaper Handmade in Milan. Then it was displayed at the Venice Biennale, before being sent on to the craft exhibition Werkraum Bregenzerwald. But now the building has found its final resting place, taking root on Lindholmen, south of Stockholm, as a 25 square metre outbuilding. Resting on eight conical concrete plinths, it has a flexible interior that allows it to serve as a kayak store and a dedicated space for the family’s teenagers.

The original structure remains, behind a new façade made from pines felled on the site. The irregular shape of the planks gives the building life, while also getting the most out of each pine tree. The solid planks stabilise the structure, which comprises wooden frames of varying dimensions, plus longitudinal beams in the roof and floor.


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