Sustainable winning concept

Najaden in Lund, Sweden by C.F. Møller

A whole new district is set to be built in mass timber in the city of Lund. C.F. Møller Architects and Slättö Projektutveckling jointly won a land allocation competition on the shore of Råbysjön lake in south-east Lund.

“At this stage, we’re looking for the structural frame to be made from CLT. The choice of wood is part of a firm commitment to work in sustainable materials,” says Ola Jonsson, chief architect.

The jury’s statement praised the clear links with the surrounding cultural landscape and the existing boardwalk on the quayside, coupled with the fact that all four sides of the building are equally well designed and attractive.

“Since the development is right on the promenade and people have to be able to move through it, we wanted to create a welcoming and public environment,” says Ola Jonsson.

The six five-storey buildings will offer 85 new owner-occupied apartments of various sizes, and the façade will be clad in brick with elements of wood, as set out in the detailed development plan. Construction work is expected to begin in autumn 2018, with the project hopefully completed by 2020.


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