Forest moving into museum

Finnskogens hus in Svullrya, Norge by Lipinski Lasovsky Johansson

The planned Museum of Forest Finn Culture gives the impression of being in the middle of a forest – but indoors. And that’s just how it should be considering the museum’s content. That’s what the Norwegian jury felt when they awarded the young architectural practice Lipinski Lasovsky Johansson first prize in an architectural competition that attracted over 200 entries. The jury loved the architects’ interpretation of the brief and the way they took the landscape and created an architecture that suits the new Finnskogens Hus.

Cylindrical posts run as a recurring theme through the museum, inside and out, supporting the building and leading thoughts to the core of the museum – life in symbiosis with the forest – and clearly tying together the different elements. The building is simple and has a direct relationship with the culture of the Forest Finns. There are, for example, areas of burned timber that echo the slash-and-burn agriculture that the Forest Finns used when they came to Norway, and indeed Sweden, in the late 16th century.


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