Expressive geometry

Rode House on Chonchi, Chile by Pezo von Ellrichshausen

The architects at Pezo von Ellrichshausen have become renowned for their geometric designs, and the house on Chonchi in the Chilean inner archipelago is no exception, with its blend of form and function. They drew inspiration from the old local carpentry traditions that were used to build both boats and churches. The result is a design of two halves. On the one side is a half-moon shaped building with subtle lines and oversized eaves. On the other is an angular design in the form of rectangles and triangles that gives the architecture its playful and striking exterior.

The eye-catching conical roof has a 45 degree slope and is supported by a lattice of wooden beams, which are then clad in cedar shingles The overhanging parts of the roof are also held up by elliptical wooden posts and combine with the façades to shelter the inner courtyards from rain and wind.

The façades are clad in local timber. Internally, the wood has also been left exposed and, in order to maintain the harmonious feel, the thick walls double up as storage.


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