Driven by architects

Block Korsningen in Örebro, Sweden by Utopia arkitekter

How can municipalities build more quickly and achieve better results for their construction projects? Two years ago, Örebro became the first municipality in Sweden to invite architectural practices to apply for land allocations, instead of the usual developers. Utopia Arkitekter was selected from the 13 applications, and they have since brought in additional contractors to jointly develop the 1,200 square metre plot. Rising seven storeys high, the new office building occupies a key position in the cityscape, close to the central train station.

For environmental reasons, the architects aim to make minimal used of concrete and instead have chosen engineered wood for load-bearing elements such as the structural frame and the floors, with the building’s wooden frame designed to be left exposed. Wood is a prominent feature both inside and out, as the frame and the stairs will be visible through the glazed façade on one side.


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