Playful landmark

Aqualagon in Marne-la-vallé, France by Jacques Ferrier Architecture

Six kilometres south of Disneyland Paris, Jacques Ferrier Architecture has created Aqualagon, a waterpark with pools, waterslides, a wave machine and facilities for water polo. The park is designed to melt into the landscape and give the impression of having risen straight up out of the water. Natural materials enhance the overall look. The advanced glulam post-and-beam frame is clearly visible through the main building’s glass façade. The structure supports the four storeys, which have been joined together externally by a “beach promenade” that invites visitors to explore.

But perhaps the most eye-catching feature is the tower in the middle of the building. In this airy and playful design, wooden poles mounted in a steel structure form a repetitive but freeform pattern. Inspired by origami, the lattice also offers protection for the spiral staircase that leads visitors up to the top floor and out onto the terrace to admire the view.


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