Self-supporting shape with great acoustics

Music pavilion in Kirchdorf, Austria by Parc Architekten

When Michael and Markus Fuchs won the competition to build a new education centre in the little town of Kirchdorf, they chose to create a brand new square with various different buildings instead of integrating all the facilities into a single block. Since music is an important part of local cultural life, the latest addition, a music pavilion, fulfils an important function.

The structure is visible from all directions and is more like a snail-shaped sculpture than an ordinary building. But for it to work as a music venue, great care had to be taken over the acoustics – the music needs to reach out to the audience in the square, while the musicians need to be able to hear each other. Most stages tend to have some form of sound-reflecting panels on the sides and ceiling. Here, the architects worked with sound experts to develop a design that meets the acoustic requirements just by way of the structure’s solid wood panelling. The folded shape of the panels also provides the building with support and stability.

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