Clubhouse offers shelter

Clubhouse in Montreal, Canada by Architecture49

The original idea was to put a roof over the bays at the Montreal golf club’s driving range to protect members from the rain and give them the best conditions to practise their swing, whatever the weather. However, it soon expanded to also include a brand new clubhouse, all linked by the distinctive roof.

The glulam posts, fully exposed on the exterior, have been toned down within the glass walls of the building to make way for maple cladding and interior features with the colour of charred wood. The exterior’s prominent roof beams also have a more discreet look on the interior thanks to the ceiling cladding, which conceals the building’s electrics and gives the interior a more refined and harmonious feel. The architects have tried to use materials that are free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and to source the materials locally as far as possible.


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