Core of rammed earth makes connection

House K in Alpnach, Switzerland by Seiler Linhart

A home built entirely from wood and a minimal amount of metal, with no adhesive or other chemical materials – the villa in the Swiss Alps near Lake Lucerne was commissioned by the family that runs the local wood company, which was also the source of the “Holzpur” material. This comprises untreated spruce and white pine that is taken from the local forests and then joined together to form larger sections with the help of CNC-milled notches. The screws used to fix the panels for the façade, internal walls and roof are the only metal used in the build.

Sliding doors between the rooms make the layout flexible, with an open feel. The earth excavated to make way for the foundations was compacted to form a core at the heart of the home. It connects the floors visually, while also helping to even out the air humidity and distribute the heat from the open fire downstairs to every part of the building. The wetrooms and hall are finished in tadelakt, a waterproof lime plaster that is also a natural material.


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