New rooflines a natural part of the landscape

Civic centre in Le Vaud, Switzerland by Localarchitecture

Just a month before the civic centre, offering space for cultural and sports activities, was due to open in the Swiss municipality of Le Vaud two and a half years ago, a fire destroyed the entire building. Localarchitecture took this as a chance to revisit the details and further develop the design. The result is a building that externally draws inspiration from the local farms, with the pointed roof becoming a natural part of the surrounding landscape.

The sides are fitted with large, triangular windows, covered with wooden screens that filter and soften the light. However, most of the daylight enters from the ends, which are wholly transparent. Internally, the details make use of sandblasted concrete and metal, both of which have a long tradition locally, but wood is the dominant material. On rainy days, the external overhang at the entrance offers shelter, before visitors are welcomed by the freestanding reception desk, made entirely of wood.


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