Sawmill transformed into holiday home

Holiday home in Sandefjord, Norway by R21 Arkitekter

Right on the water in Sandefjord, Norway, stood an old sawmill. When converting the 81 square metre building into a modern holiday home last year, the architects embraced its history. The open spaces and large windows, which were necessary to move around large quantities of timber, were retained but given a softer, more modern feel.

The building is enclosed by large expanses of glass that are supported externally by oak posts and covered with a wooden screen, all stained red. The screens and windows can easily be opened and slid to the side, so on hot summer days the house can be transformed into an open pavilion and then closed up when the family wants to withdraw from the outside into the warm embrace of the home.

The open and welcoming design also conceals more private rooms. The building’s bedrooms are well hidden from outside view, and their walls and ceilings have been finished with wood cladding for a pleasant and inviting feel.


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