All-weather jigsaw puzzle

Hikers' shelter in Hammerfest, Norway by Spinn arkitekter

High on Storfjellet, looking out across the whole of Hammerfest, sits a small hikers’ shelter. The Norwegian Tourism Association commissioned the 15 square metre cabin, with a stove and simple bunks, to encourage more people to explore the area.

The result is a cabin, shaped like a large boulder to merge into its surroundings, that is not only a place for tired walkers but also a visitor attraction in itself.

To achieve the polygonal shape in CLT, the architects took a laser scan of the site and then used a 3D program to design the complex structure. This resulted in 77 different CLT elements that were joined together on site like a jigsaw puzzle. The façade is covered with exterior cladding that has been charred for extra durability. And the cabin is guaranteed to handle the location’s extreme weather. The design has been tested in wind and snow simulators to ensure that the cabin can be used even under severe weather conditions.


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