Cork for warmth and acoustics

Cork House in Berlin, Germany by Rundzwei Architekten

It began with a strong wish for the new home to have the best possible acoustics. Rundzwei Architekten found a material – cork – that not only worked to improve the sound and insulation, but was also the key to the German villa’s distinctive look. The material that is used in wine bottles and for table mats is taken from the bark of the cork oak. The granules that are a by-product of production can be used for other things, such as building façades and roofs. When the granules are heated and pressed into panels for façades and so on, this releases a resin that binds the grains together. The result is a light and sustainable construction material. Internally there are generous expanses of pale wood, all revolving around the spiral staircase that leads the visitor through the levels of the house. The wood is complemented by plasterboard to create a pleasant indoor climate with just the right humidity. Combined with cork, wood fibre and cellulose insulation, this means that the house needs no ventilation system.


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