Modular villa with inviting feel

Villa Ekenäset in Växjö, Sweden by Arkitektbolaget

Bring nature into the building in order to do the stunning surroundings full justice. This was the idea behind the family villa that was built on a promontory in Lake Åsnen, south of Växjö. Since the buildings are all arranged around an inner courtyard, there is always somewhere out of the wind. The external walls are made of 10 centimetre-thick CLT panels, which are sufficiently vapour resistant to replace plastic as a vapour barrier. The insulation is made of cellulose fibre and the façade comprises untreated vertical and horizontal tongue and groove exterior cladding, with white wooden window frames and gently sloping hipped and monopitch roofs, lined with roofing felt.

The internal walls and ceilings are made from spruce CLT, which has been treated with a white pigmented hardwax oil. The floors make use of Öland limestone, radially sawn pine and silver spruce, plus sisal carpets and high-fired clay tiles. In order to maintain the sense of nature both inside and out, the architects have included large expanses of glass that will frame the views like a picture.


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