Arches and light ingress take us back in time

Wildernesse restaurant in Kent, UK by Morris+Co

When a historic country house on the leafy outskirts of Sevenoaks, 30 km south-east of London, requested a new restaurant for its retired residents, the architects at Morris+Co took inspiration from the 19th-century orangery that previously stood on the site. By giving the restaurant a similar look, with large windows that flood the interior with light, they have managed to connect the modern building with the much older ones.

The restaurant is designed as a free-standing pavilion, clad in powder-coated aluminium and dark-painted wood. Despite its modern look, the exterior harmonises well with the older stone buildings nearby. The distinct vaulted arches are a key design element, but it is only when the visitor enters the building that they really make their presence felt. The exposed structure comprises repetitive arches measuring 4 x 4 metres that have been sawn from CLT elements. They are supported on columns of glulam, with plywood panels reinforcing the vaulting. The stained wood, granite worktops and metal pull together to create a light and harmonious interior.


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