Sculpture creates movement

Tetraedern in Växjö, Sweden by Gunilla Bandolin

As part of their work on public health, more and more municipalities are setting up outdoor gyms. Free of charge and always open to passers-by, they help to improve the wellbeing of the local population. And what could be better for people than exercising in an outdoor gym made of wood and shaped like a sculpture?

On the shore of Lake Trummen in Växjö, artist Gunilla Bandolin has worked with Liljewall Arkitekter on behalf of the municipality to create Tetraedern, an outdoor gym with geometric lines. With the footprint of an equilateral triangle, the structure in silicon-treated wood invites passers-by to get a little exercise by climbing, jumping and lifting.

Those who don’t feel up to jumping about can instead take a seat on the integral benches and enjoy the view and the natural setting. The structure rises to a height of around 5 metres, making it a landmark that is visible from the other side of the lake. To screen the gym from the nearby road, alder trees have been planted all around the sculpture.


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