Sharp angles in soft pine forest

Charred treehouse in Frehel, France by Victoria Migliore

A climate-smart holiday home where nature calls the shots – this is the Treehouse project that Victoria Migliore designed for a private client on a plot where pines dominate, and had to be kept intact. Because of the sandy terrain, the building is raised on piles, a metre from the ground. Piling was also a way to ensure that the sensitive roots of the pines were not damaged by the building. Holes have been cut out of the building’s rectangular shape, both to form windows and to create natural interfaces between outside and in, including a courtyard in the middle of the building, where the roof has been replaced with a hammock for people to lie on and admire the surrounding pine treetops.

Internally, the roof beams have been left exposed and together with the generous ingress of light, they contrast with the façade of shou-sugi-ban burned wood cladding. The building’s clever variety of angles makes the cladding visible even from inside the house. In the bedroom, the exterior cladding has been extended to clad one of the internal walls.


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