Design rooted in many cultures

Cambridge Mosque in Cambridge, UK by Marks Barfield Architects

When the decision was taken to build a new mosque in Cambridge, since the existing one was too small, it was important that it not only reflected Muslim culture, but also made space for local references. The assignment went to Marks Barfield Architects, who have created a building that in a modern way captures both British architecture and Muslim culture, using bricks on the exterior walls, which are CLT, and glulam “trees” in the interior.

The architects envisaged a calm oasis within a grove of trees. With that concept in mind, spruce glulam columns have been used to create stylised trees whose trunks and crowns form the load bearing structure, together with the surrounding CLT walls. The geometry of the trees is a repeated pattern, with each tree taking the form of an octagon. The structure comprises 30 trees that both support the building and create a harmonious space.


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