Dome with warm feel

Igloo in Gothenburg, Sweden by Wahlström & Steijner arkitekter

When a new district heating centre was needed for Medicinareberget in Gothenburg, the client Akademiska Hus had two wishes: the building should be both unique and carbon neutral. So what could be better than using the shape of an igloo? This is the first dome in Sweden to be made entirely in wood. The structure comprises glulam arches with dimensions of 56 x 225 millimetres. They are united and stabilised at the top of the building using a steel ring. Between the arches sit layers of spaced boarding, vapour control membrane, mineral wool, fibreboard, plywood and battens. The façade is clad in pine shingles. The red colour, Roslagen mahogany, gives a warm and welcoming feel, and has been achieved by treating the façade with equal parts linseed oil, turpentine and pine tar, plus some Falu red pigment.

The dome sits on a slope, making it possible to build tiered seating in silicon-treated pine on its south-west face. Passers-by will be able to sit here and relax for a moment.


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