Summer house on Lilla Fjellsholmen, Sweden by Cream arkitekter

Once upon a time, the island of Trälen, between Gothenburg and Marstrand, was owned by Volvo, which built an array of holiday cottages for its employees to use. But eventually the cottages fell into disrepair and the island was sold. Today it is called Lilla Fjellsholmen, and modern houses are now beginning to appear.

The rocky island and its terrain mean that the houses have to be quite close together. It has therefore been a challenge to create plots with a private feel and to ensure that all the homes have as unrestricted a view of the sea as possible. With the help of computer software developed in-house, the architects have been able to identify the best views and the best aspect, and minimise blasting on the island.

All the properties comprise two buildings, the smaller of which serves as a guest cottage or sauna, enveloping the terrace and creating a shelter in this exposed environment. The finish of the façades varies, with either painted wood cladding or cedar shingles. The views are optimised thanks to the glazed gables, which establish a wonderful contact between the rugged landscape and the cosy interior.


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