Supportive pavilion

Pavilion in Norrköping, Sweden by Map13 Barcelona

Portalen is an organisation that supports and helps people to get into work or education. When they needed larger premises, they turned to a group of newly arrived architects and engineers. A workshop was held in collaboration with Spanish architecture collective Map13 Barcelona. The initial idea was to build a brick structure, reflecting Norrköping’s heritage as a city of brick, but it was soon established that this would be too heavy for the assigned plot. Instead, a new proposal was put forward to build a wooden pavilion with a sculptural design where the curved roof is a “grid shell”, a technique where a network of wooden laths is bent using moisture and then fixed in place once the desired shape is achieved.

The technology is based on wood’s inherent flexibility. Within a frame of glulam bent in two directions, a grid of wooden laths in three layers has been created, with the knot-free pine laths measuring 34 x 90 millimetres.

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