Classic function in modern guise

Villa Vught in Vught, Netherlands by Mecanoo

a dutch »hoeve« is a collection of farm buildings with a shared inner courtyard, sheltered yet open. The same typology, but with a modern twist, has been used in the little community of Vught to create a small cookery school next to the owners’ private home.

The buildings form three distinct volumes, the two lower of which are shaped like gabled barns. One of these contains a kitchen, dining room and workspace, and the other is designed to receive guests, providing a large studio for cookery classes and other activities. Next to the barns, the taller building, which contains the family’s private living quarters, forms a landmark with expansive views from the roof terrace.

The dominant material in the three volumes is cross-laminated timber. The wood has been left exposed as a distinctive part of the design, supplemented with silver fir internally. The façade is clad in dark, bronze-coloured aluminium, chosen to harmonise with the roof of corrugated metal, as commonly seen on local farms.


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