Innovative new typology in classic district

Google KGZ1 HQ in London, United Kingdom by BIG

In the London district of King’s Cross, what will soon be the world’s largest wood façade is beginning to take shape. Behind the 23,300 square metre expanse, Google will have its new British headquarters, with space for 7,000 staff. The look of the façade is achieved through a repetitive sequence of accoya glulam posts in varying heights. The design language is modern, but with a clear connection to the other local architecture. The height of the terraced building varies between 20 and 60 metres, with the highest point 11 storeys up. The façade is divided into four sections, with the glulam posts creating a cohesive exterior. They are also a key part of the interior, as each post extends over several floors, creating a sense of volume. The office spaces feature mezzanine floors whose exposed CLT, with its soft, warm surface, contrasts with steel and concrete. A diagonal staircase will lead from the ground floor to the roof, which will be punctuated with green spaces, a running track and a pool.

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