Soft values unify

The Parish Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark by Nord Architects

An open atmosphere where all are welcome. This was a key part of the brief in the architectural competition to build a new assembly hall for the church in Brønshøj outside Copenhagen. The hall would be a cultural centre – a place that welcomes and unifies people and is able to host all sorts of activities. Nord Architects won the competition with a design that breathed both sustainability and community.

With entry from multiple directions, the new building has now become a link that connects the town square with the church and its cemetery and gardens. To get away from an institutional feel, the walls have a gentle curve to them and the CLT has been left exposed in the interior. The material was chosen not just to give a soft and open feel, but also for its excellent capacity to give a stable indoor climate, which is important for the atmosphere in the church. The façade is clad in ash, the warmth of which signals that everyone is welcome here.


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