New thinking leads to multiple functions

Church steeple in Bleibach, Germany by Architektur3

The new church steeple in the German town of Bleibach is not just a Christian symbol – it fulfils many other functions. The tower is an important landmark in the Black Forest region, and also has a viewing gallery that visitors can access via a long staircase. Here the walls can be opened on three sides to reveal magnificent views.

The façade and roof are clad in acetylated wood, which provides lasting protection against moisture and insect attack. The window frames use the same material and are integrated into the façade. The top of the tower, shaped like an equilateral triangle to symbolise the Christian trinity, also provides a refuge for rare birds and bats.

The part housing the church bells features silver spruce CLT on the stairs, ceiling and walls. This is partly because the wood meets the stiffness level required for this design, and partly because silver spruce is the classic conifer of the Black Forest and therefore embodies the sustainable and readily accessible material that the client requested.


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