Guesthouse breathes new life into village

House for Marebito in Nanto, Japan by Vuild

In the Japanese village of Toga, over half of the 600 residents are more than 65 years old, putting the community at risk of slowly dying out. This, and the fact that the region is heavily forested, prompted the idea of creating a prototype for a simple guesthouse that is easy to erect and could attract visitors, maybe younger people who want to spend time with their older relatives.

The concept is based on the use of local timber that is precision cut at the local sawmill using a newly developed CNC machine. The gables face north and south, with the sides running parallel with the surrounding mountains, providing shelter from the wind while also ensuring good natural daylight and ventilation.

The building is designed so even those with no experience can assemble it, and this has given the project a social dimension, with residents coming together to help out. No scaffolding is needed, and the kit comprises over 1000 wooden components plus the same number of connections.


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