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Trä meets Hans Murman

Across the industry, all eyes are on one of Sweden’s most exciting construction projects: Sandåkern in Umeå. The project has attracted attention for its wooden architecture, but also for the collaboration between Murman Arkitekter, Martinsons and Tyréns. These companies have formed their own joint company, laying the blueprint for a whole new business concept.

“With our different areas of expertise, we retain a holistic focus throughout the process. We want a balance between design, technology and manufacturing, and we’re able to offer good quality without costs spiralling out of control,” says Hans Murman.

You’ve likened your business concept to the Apple brand. Can you explain that?
“When you pick up a product from Apple, you immediately understand how to use it. You never need to think ‘why did they do it this way?’. That’s exactly what we want for our homes in Sandåkern – a combination of user-friendliness and design.”

Describe the buildings for us.
“We’ve designed each apartment as a separate entity with light coming in from all directions. Like houses rising vertically, you could say. Both the structural frame and the facades are made of wood. The fact that the buildings are constructed in wood will be visible and tangible, both internally and externally.”

What are your hopes for the future?
“We want to take this concept that we’re developing in Sandåkern to more places. We’re already seeing a demand. Together, we’ve created a business concept that will last.”

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