Daring French design

La Maison-vague in Reims, France by Patrick Nadeau

A LAYER OF grass, herbs and flowers adorns the roof of this rounded house by architect Patrick Nadeau. He calls his work “La Maison-vague”, which translates as “The wave-shaped house”. The building is located near the city of Reims in north-east France and is the first in a project totalling 63 experimental homes in the area.

A structural frame in cross-laminated timber has been used to create the wavy profile. The building stands entirely on a raised wooden deck that lifts it above the ground. Only the foundations are concrete. The location, vegetation and double-walled facades ensure its thermal performance. The outer walls are made from transparent polycarbonate, and the inner walls from untreated pine cladding. The green sedum roof provides protection from seasonal heat and cold.«

w| patricknadeau.com

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