Egg-shaped concert hall

EMPAC in New York, USA by Grimshaw

EMPAC (THE EXPERIMENTAL Media and Performing Arts Center) is a large cultural centre measuring almost 20,000 square metres. The brains behind the building, the Grimshaw architectural practice, have received several awards for their design. The building embodies a number of design and structural innovations. For one thing, an air of peace has been achieved through acoustic separation, which means that a gap has been left open between the walls and in the floors separating all the spaces. This prevents the transmission of sound and vibrations. To further dampen vibrations, parts of EMPAC sit on springs built into the ground.

The shape is reminiscent of a ship. The outer hull is made of glass, while the inner section, which appears to float in its own universe inside the glass hull, is constructed in cedar boarding. Bridges lead from the foyer into the concert hall itself, which seats 1,200 people.«


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