French expo in Italy

French pavilion in Milano, Italy by X-TU

HOW CAN WE supply the world’s population with healthy food, today and tomorrow? France will be attempting to answer this pressing question at the world exhibition Expo Milano 2015. Drawing inspiration from the food markets that abound in French towns and cities, Paris-based XTU Architects are presenting a plant-covered wooden pavilion – a 3,592 square metre marketplace designed to be disassembled and reused after Milan. The load-bearing structure plus the facades, walls and floors will be made entirely from wood.

Symbolising French food culture, the building will serve as an exhibition space and as a productive growing area. The crops can also be consumed in the pavilion, which houses a brasserie and a French deli. In the exhibition square at the heart of the building, the Frenchmen plan to demonstrate really good food preparation based on the available ingredients and resources.«


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