Seamless desking

Superdesk in New York, USA by Clive Wilkinson

FUNKY OFFICE SPACES are the signature of the interior designers at Clive Wilkinson Architects – they create working environments that promote a positive atmosphere and meet the unique needs of each company. A prime example can be found in one of their latest projects, where they have designed a “superdesk” for advertising agency The Barbarian Group in New York.

The desk runs all the way through the open-plan office, offering traditional desk areas for the employees, as well as more social workspaces. Occasionally, the desktop shoots up into the air and then down again, creating arched enclosures for smaller, more private workspaces and storage areas. The long, uniform piece of furniture is like a rollercoaster, which appealed to the advertising creatives, but the design also meets another need: it facilitates collaboration between the advertising agency’s different departments and symbolises the importance of teamwork.

The massive structure was manufactured in Los Angeles – MDF and plywood sheets in pine were laser-cut by robots in a factory. All the parts were then sent, flat-packed, to New York for assembly. Finally, the whole desk was painted with epoxy resin to achieve a glossy, hardwearing and uniform surface.«


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