Wall-less »doll’s house« promotes creativity

House in Kashiwa in Kashiwa, Japan by Yamazaki Kentaro

TOKYO-BASED ARCHITECTS YAMAZAKI Kentaro have made a name for themselves with their “unfinished buildings” made from wood in the city of Kashiwa. The concept housing is created to leave as much space as possible for the residents’ own creativity. From the outside, the building looks like four shoeboxes placed in a circle and joined corner to corner.

Internally, the home looks like a doll’s house, since there are no walls between the rooms. The wooden frame is fully visible and the plywood walls have been left untreated. Each “shoebox” is split into two floors. The ground floor has a kitchen, bedroom, toilet, shower and office. Upstairs, there is no indication of what the rooms should be used for, the spaces have deliberately been left as a blank canvas. The large open area in the middle of the structure serves as a hub for the home, with maximum ceiling height and views into all the rooms in the house.«

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