Woods’ colourful home

Woodblock in London, England by dRMM

WOODBLOCK IS THE name of a newbuild on one of London’s lively streets, Hackney Road. However, the home is nothing like the brick and concrete structures around it. London-based dRMM designed the townhouse as a place where the client, artist Richard Woods, can work and spend time with his family.

The ground floor houses a large but simple artist’s studio and upstairs there is separate accommodation. The residential part features large open spaces and plenty of natural light, with everything constructed and decorated in high-quality materials. The design and material choices reflect the family’s needs as well as dRMM’s commitment to sustainability through the use of engineered wood, which suits artist Woods perfectly since he himself works primarily in wood. He also liked the idea of creating a wooden house in the middle of the city.

The building is made from cross-laminated timber combined with offcuts, insulation and wood panelling. As a passer-by, it is hard not to notice the colourful facade, which was created partly by the artist himself, with some of his custom pieces being incorporated into the home. The rest of the facade is clad in unpainted larch.«

w| drmm.co.uk

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